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Diploma of Mind Body Medicine

Place yourself at the forefront of holistic healing by learning about the intricate relationship between mind and body with our Diploma of Mind Body Medicine course. This unique natural therapy course combines the ancient mind body wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine. It has led to such impressive results that it is now taught around the world—to not only Natural Therapists but also Medical Doctors.

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Learn a world-renowned approach to working with chronic illness that has achieved outstanding results.

Many health approaches focus solely on the physical symptoms of illness, but our mind body medicine course is built upon the important relationship between the mind and body, and how they simultaneously affect each other.

You will gain a cutting-edge understanding of the body psychology system that helps you uncover the lifestyle and psychological factors driving clients’ illnesses. Very often client problems stem from a common root. This mind body approach empowers you to drive positive change and guide your clients to connect with their inner self, realign their beliefs and overcome deep-seated behaviours.

If you are keen on helping people uncover the root drivers of pain or illness, from a physical and psychological perspective, and give them the tools to elicit positive change, then you will find this mind body course immensely empowering.

A CCM Diploma of Mind Body Medicine practical training session.

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2nd March 2023

23rd May 2024 – Online Combined

18th September 2024 – Online Combined Night Study

Delivery Modes

Online-combined (domestic students only.
Full-time On-Campus (Sydney & Melbourne, open to international Students

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13 – 18 Months



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2024 Dip. of Mind Body Medicine

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Duration: 2 Hours

Why more people choose to study their  10990NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine course with us?

Students and teacher using online learning facilities.

A Career-focused approach

The entire focus of our mind body medicine course is based on equipping you to be successful working full time in the community. We believe you can play a role in changing the world for the better. Our goal is to excite your passion and help you graduate with the skills and confidence needed to work in this growing field. Our training is tailored to help you build confidence as a complementary medicine practitioner.

A CCM Kinesiology practical training session.

Extensive practical training

We have a specific focus on practical skill development and have found that confidence is best developed through practice. Therefore, our mind body medicine course offers a high percentage of hands-on training to refine and enhance your practical skills.

Students and teacher using online learning facilities.

Unique online learning

We use an interactive online platform so students can ask questions in real-time, interact and practice on other students or in groups, and feel like they are in a classroom even though they are studying from home.

Our entire curriculum is available online. All our teachers are experienced in delivering online lectures ensuring the experience is fun, interactive and personally fulfilling. We use online classes to teach students to become proficient at online consultations – opening up a whole world of potential clients

A CCM Kinesiology practical training session.

Experienced teaching team

When you study with us you get the best of both worlds: cutting-edge theoretical knowledge along with tried and tested field experience. Our teachers have a combined 200 years of professional experience and most run their own successful clinics. Over the last 20+ years, they have infused their personal experiences into engaging teaching methods to ensure you get the most out of your mind body medicine study. Find out more about our experienced teaching team here.

A CCM lecturer with his hand on heart listening to a student.

Heart centered approach

We favour small class groups and a personalised teaching approach to create strong bonds with our students, and a more intimate learning experience. We strongly believe in the human-to-human connection between client and therapist, and strive to embody that in our teaching style across all of our complementary medicine courses.

A group of CCM students and teachers enjoying a social occaision.

Multiple study options and a supportive community

With online combined /on-campus study options, you can enjoy the freedom of remote studying combined with on-campus training.

Choose from 10990NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine courses Melbourne, 10990NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine courses Sydney and you are even able to complete your 10990NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine course online!

When you study mind body medicine with our college, you also join an active community that supports you beyond your training.

Testimonials from our students

“CCM has been an amazing college to study at, we are so lucky to have such inspiring and dedicated teachers. The courses they offer are unique and deeply rooted in holistic medicine. I am so grateful for the education and resources we have access to. I am part of the first online combined class and have been so impressed by the way we have been taught online, our teachers have adapted the content so well and supported us so much throughout this course. I started the course living overseas and moved back to my home in Western Australia during it, having access to online learning has meant I have the opportunity to study at CCM which I otherwise wouldn’t have. If you are thinking of studying with CCM, I highly recommend it!”

Tess Kelly

Diploma of Kinesiology & Diploma of Mind Body Medicine Graduate

“Studying at the College of Complementary Medicine has been such a fulfilling experience. The college has provided an immense amount of support throughout all stages of the journey – especially during the larger phases of online learning. It has been a pleasure to learn from so many inspiring leaders/teachers within the industry, that have facilitated my development into becoming my own unique practitioner! Highly recommend to anyone interested!”

Gabrielle Macri

Diploma of Kinesiology & Diploma of Mind Body Medicine Graduate

What’s in our 10990NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine course?

Our Diploma of Mind Body Medicine in Melbourne and Sydney covers all aspects of standard Mind Body Medicine training plus added depth in the following key areas:

Kinesiology & Structural Kinesiology

Start with an intro to kinesiology to help your client connect their mind and body. Then work on improving posture to reduce pain through hands-on practice. Being able to work effectively on a person’s physical body is essential to restoring their overall balance and addressing blockages throughout their body.

We cover balances for fascial trains, cranial, jaw, pelvis, neck, and the 7 primary movements.

Body Psychology

Discover a comprehensive system for unpacking the meaning of specific symptoms and their link to major psychological patterns, a person’s behaviour and their body. Graduates are then empowered to use a world-renowned approach to work with clients on a deep psychological or psycho spiritual level, enabling them to make the changes they need to be well.

Counselling & Practitioner Development

We believe that the interaction between client and therapist is crucial to the outcome. We teach client-centred counselling techniques and have a unique practitioner development program so that you become the best practitioner you can be.

Chinese Medicine Theory

A unique inclusion to our mind body course, we draw from the 2,500-year strong wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As an important part of the intellectual base for mind body medicine, here you will learn Chinese diagnostic methods, the 5 elements and Bagua constitutions, the deep flows of the meridians, points for improving many different conditions and unique methods for balancing meridians.

Facilitating Change

In a majority of cases, client problems stem from a common root. Through Mind Body Medicine, you can help people discover these root drivers and give them the motivation to change. You become a facilitator, helping them understand and recognize the deep-seated motivations behind the lifestyle patterns that are affecting their health and wellness.

This unit integrates a very powerful counselling approach of bodywork and acupressure for resolving these patterns.

Career Opportunities

This unique program qualifies you to be able to work in a richly rewarding career in a rapidly growing area of complementary medicine.

Graduates may choose to work independently or together with other medical practitioners in integrative clinics.

Mind Body Medicine complements other forms of medicine and has distinct advantages when tackling many of the chronic conditions that are so prevalent today.

You can play a leading role in helping people feel self-empowered in regards to their health and emotional wellbeing.

Payment Plans

We don’t want you to miss out on making your dream career a reality due to finance, therefore we have multiple payment options and payment plans available.

We offer discounts on the registration fee to those who attend our free discovery sessions and short courses.

We have partnered up with Handypay. With Handypay you can learn now and pay later. Handypay is committed to providing flexible and affordable payment plans to enable better access to quality education. Click here download an information flyer. You can make a no obligation enquiry here. Get approved in minutes, no monthly, exit, or early repayment fees, an inquiry will not impact your credit score.

Interested in Earning a Double Diploma?

Broaden your career options and skill set

If you have enrolled in or completed this program, you can easily broaden your career options with a double diploma. By completing just 25% more course work, you can acquire the HLT52415  Diploma of Kinesiology, a path followed by most of our students:

This program deepens and broadens your skills enabling you to achieve even more with your clients.

You can complete our 10708NAT Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine if you would like to gain an additional cutting-edge qualification.

A smiling Diploma of Mind Body Medicine student.

Our 10990NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine is a nationally recognised qualification

This program is recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and by leading industry associations:  

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Australian Kinesiology Association logo
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Australian Institute of Kinesiologists logo

Frequently asked questions

There are numerous mind body medicine courses in health and wellness in Australia which could lead to a career as a mind body medicine practitioner.

It’s important to choose one from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) At CCM we offer the 10990NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine, a government approved qualification.

Once you complete your mind body medicine qualification you can apply for memberships with an industry association. Some industry associations give you access to discounted insurance, which is strongly recommended to have if you intend on setting up your own clinic.

Many health approaches focus solely on the physical symptoms of illness, but our mind body medicine courses explore the relationship between the mind and the body simultaneously. Very often client problems stem from a common root – by using Mind Body Medicine you can learn how to discover these root drivers and encourage positive change. This unique approach to natural health medicine recognises that health and wellness depends on balancing head and heart.

You can choose to study mind body medicine with us via our online combined study format or face-to-face study.

People that study medical research recognise that the most important determinants of whether a person will be healed are: the body’s innate healing potential, the person’s inclusion in the healing process, the degree of interaction with the practitioner, the belief in the therapy and in themselves, and finally the treatment itself. Interestingly the treatment effect is often much smaller than the other factors combined. The body’s own innate healing potential is often the key driver of healing. Natural therapy works by targeting this key driver of healing as well as utilising treatments that stimulate healing. Together this is a potent healing force, particularly when dealing with chronic illnesses that by their nature have developed slowly in response to long held lifestyle stressors. Eliminating or reducing these stressors and anything the client is doing that impedes their body’s healing mechanisms is a very effective approach to tackling healing.

Due to the effectiveness of natural therapy like sungazing, mind body education is a growing study field.

The length of study depends on the type of health and wellness course and the study format. At CCM we offer a variety of courses and delivery methods. Our Kinesiology course, Mind Body Medicine course and Integrative Medicine courses are delivered in our Sydney and Melbourne campus via face-to-face. We also offer online combined, a balance between face-to-face and online learning. Depending on which training the student chooses will determine the length of study. Our Mind Body training can take between 12 months to 2 years. We also offer other natural therapy courses, see our Transpersonal Therapy courses for more information.

There are numerous natural therapy courses in Australia. It’s important to choose one from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) At CCM we offer a number of natural therapy courses: Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Transpersonal Art Therapy and Counselling. Once you complete your qualification you can apply for membership with an industry association. Some industry associations give you access to discounted insurance, which is strongly recommended to have if you intend on setting up your own clinic.

Mind body medicine (MBM) focusses on the interaction between mind and body – a unique approach relative to other natural therapies courses. The illnesses people get are reflective of how they live their lives. To empower people with chronic illness MBM addresses the motivations behind their lifestyle. It uses both mind and body techniques to address their health concerns rather than focussing predominantly on the body as do other modalities such as in naturopathy and nutrition. MBM is one of the natural therapies courses we have on offer.

A group of Diploma of Mind Body Medicine in a class.

Enrol into a mind body medicine course at CCM

Enrolling into a  mind body medicine diploma course at the College of Complementary Medicine is simple, you can find lots of helpful information on how to apply  and entry requirements via our website. Beginning your journey into complementary health with CCM is a rewarding experience and we’re here to support all of our students as they progress.


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