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My journey to a new career and a life with purpose.

Have you ever wondered what you would do with your life, if money was not an issue so that you can live a life with purpose?

In 2016, I was working as a full time Finance Manager, working long hours, making a reasonable income in a great company. I had been an accountant for over 20 years and I was providing a great service to the businesses I had worked for and to my clients.

But the thing is, I just didn’t know what my soul purpose was at the time and I had never given myself the freedom or time to dream a different life.

Then, late November 2016, I happened to go along to an information day held at The College of Complementary Medicine in Surry Hills. This information day was a great introduction to anyone interested in Kinesiology and other aspects of Complementary Health. That was where I met one of the lecturers of the college, Ondrej Bursik, who spoke about Kinesiology and what the college could offer as a new career.

That day changed the direction of my life. After some consideration, I decided to give up my job the following week and I enrolled in Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine at the College of Complementary Medicine full time studies in 2017. I couldn’t work out logically, how I was going to do it without an income. I had a bit of money in my savings account and I took a leap of faith that this would all work out somehow. Sometimes the how just works its way out, if you just believe in the why.

A few years later, I have finished my double diploma in Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine course at College of Complementary Medicine and I am almost through my 10358NAT Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine. I can’t tell you what an amazing course this is. The lecturers are so passionate, the content and subjects are so interesting and informative and the student community is so supportive.

I am still working part time in my finance field and also working in clinic now and I am feeling so very blessed and grateful at the moment.  I am able to fulfil my soul’s purpose and find a great balance in life – doing what I know and doing what I love.

I just wanted to share my excitement with you and what an incredible journey it has been. I am petrified but excited at the same time with what life holds for me. I am so excited – what an incredible journey my life has been so far and how dreams really do come true.

It has been an amazing start to my new adventure. If you are in doubt or you have any fear, believe in yourself, have the courage to live your life with purpose and listen to the song in your heart.

By Anastasia Giovanoglou

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