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Level 1, 48 Wharf Street,
Forster, NSW 2428




Diploma of Kinesiology
Diploma of Mind Body Medicine

Online Available

Kristyn Wagner

Kristyn grew up in Canada with Western Medicine being the only treatment for any issue. On a whim, she fell into the world of Complementary Health and truly feels she has found her calling. Her approach invites both eastern and western healing modalities and connection to one’s self is her main focus. Treating both the body and the mind to uncover stress and guide you into a more balanced way of living is the ultimate goal. Whether it’s physical pain or an emotional issue, Kristyn is empathetic, caring and provides the space for you to completely be yourself. The pandemic showed her the magic of online sessions and she has been treating clients in Europe, US, Canada and various parts of Australia. Some clients that had previously seen her face-to-face have fully switched to online as they prefer sessions from the comfort of their own home; relaxing on their bed or couch. Her kind and gentle nature provide a safe, inviting and open space to guide you into connecting back with your true self and allow you to feel confident to express that essence into the world.