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Creative Counselling Tasmania
North West Tasmania




Advanced Diploma Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling)
Masters Antarctic Science
BSc (Biology)

Online Available


Laura Poidevin

Creative Counselling Tasmania creates a safe and supported space in which the client can bring any concerns or enquiries. Through opening the mind-body-self connection with creative processes you will connect with your inner landscape. Developing your ability to listen to your inner authenticity. We will work together to create a personalised holistic health care plan for living a connected life with limitless potential.

Laura believes a life lived with self-awareness and growth plus a double dose of nature is her perfect recipe! It was the hunt for a piece of nature that lead her to the north-west region of picturesque Tasmania. Her work supports her life’s passion for sharing the Transpersonal Health Care approach, which reminds her everyday of the richness in life!