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5 Foreshore Drive,  Salamander Bay
59 Edgeworth David Ave, Waitara




Diploma Kinesiology
Diploma Sports Kinesiology
Focus oriented therapist/ Trainer
Diploma remedial massage
Postural neurology certificate
NLP and matrix therapies trainer
Cert IV Training
Biology of Trauma – Attachment, survival and resilience module

Online Available

Paul Moxham

Paul was drawn to working within complementary medicine as the profession helped him personally. After seeking help for the chronic weekly headaches, he was suffering, a doctor told Paul there was nothing physically wrong. Knowing this wasn’t the case he went on to explore many alternative therapies and through his journey he not only found the answer to his headaches but also developed the skills that would change his life and help him to continue to rediscover who he is.

Paul works with the body mind in a safe, gentle and supportive way holding the space for his clients to unlock past experiences/ trauma that may be contributing to the present physical and mental pains that are holding clients back from living the life they choose. He specializes in working with clients with physical pain, postural problems, trauma, mental health, movement issues and performance.

Paul uses various modalities in an integrative way including kinesiology, sports kinesiology, body work, postural neurology, focus orientated therapy, NLP, colour therapy and body-based trauma work to guide his clients to find their own answers and in turn rediscovering their original self.

Paul is a natural teacher; he has been teaching and lecturing since his late teens in many forms. He has been lecturing at CCM since 2006 and overseas the sports therapy kinesiology diploma.

The answers lie within, it is up to us to be curious and listen to the what the body is telling us and bit by bit we change.