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Do you suffer from painful periods?

Did you know that the menstrual cycle is not meant to be painful? For a body in balance, the cycle will appear every 28 days, with a 4-5 day flow and cause minimal interruption to your daily life.

The problem is, for years before us, as we near the entry into ‘womanhood’ we are told stories of the pain, discomfort and annoyance of this regular monthly visitor. We hear stories from our Mums, Aunts, older sisters, friends and those who have travelled here before us, of the horror that it is.

Rarely, does someone sit us down and say, you know, it actually shouldn’t be that bad? Perhaps something is out of balance? Female hormonal conditions, pain, PMS, heavy bleeding and cramps are all signs from your body that something is a bit out of whack.

And if only they did! As women, we get a beautiful insight into the state of our internal female reproductive system every month from around the age of 14 up until the day we decide to try to have a baby. If only we understood that these symptoms were a loving sign that something needed attention, there may be more women actively treating this imbalance in their teens, rather than trying to fix it when they want to conceive.

So if you are a woman, if you suffer from menstrual symptoms, why not do something about it now? Or if you have the responsibility of educating a young girl about this journey into ‘womanhood’ be sure to tell her about the joys that it brings, be careful not to scare her and encourage her to lovingly embrace it.

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