Jenny Fisher

Lecturer Transpersonal Art Therapy


Bachelor Social Work
Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Art Therapy)
Diploma of Leadership in Expressive Arts and Groupwork
Diploma of Counselling
Cert IV Training and Education

Jenny’s STORY

Jenny started her career as a social worker who specialised in groupwork as well as individual counselling. She loved working with groups to explore psycho-social issues and often used creative activities to help clients explore their inner life and external problems. Jenny moved into management where she worked in local government, private enterprise and corporate consulting, only ever using creativity in my staff planning sessions. After 30 years in management, Jenny decided to change direction and return to group work, enrolling in the CCM course in Leadership in Expressive Arts and Groupwork. From here it was a natural progression to also study Art Therapy which has a focus on individual counselling. She loves the way that we use meditation and guided visualisations to help clients access their own inner wisdom, use simple art materials to express emotions and then through open-ended questioning and empathic understanding enable the client to find their own way through the issues that are before them. The Art Therapy course is not only about learning skills but also about applying the tools to better understand ourselves, our motivation and the life resources we can draw on, as we travel this path that weaves creativity and therapy. Jenny loves walking this path alongside our future Art Therapists.