Diploma of Kinesiology
Diploma of  Mind Body Medicine

Clinic Details

Kind Self Wellness
Yarraville 3013, Melbourne

After experiencing profound shifts through seeing a kinesiologist, Laura became intrigued about learning more about it herself. The last few years of studying kinesiology has allowed Laura to gain a better understanding of the importance of health, wellbeing and balance. It has helped in her own life to reduce stress, implement boundaries and start to live a more balanced and meaningful life.

Laura’s aim with establishing Kind Self Wellness is to support her clients to be more empowered to look at their life differently and help to make changes to make sure they are being kind to themselves.

Laura does this by providing a safe and non-judgemental space that allows her clients to be curious and explore what is happening in their life. Laura will also work with her clients to help them tune into their body to identify and discover things that they may not consciously be aware of that may be holding them back from the life they really want and deserve!

Laura Hallisey
Yarraville VIC 3013