Diploma of Health Sciences and Holistic Kinesiology

Clinic Details

Martine has been working as a Kinesiologist since 2003 and is currently based in a clinic in Narara, on the Central Coast.

She holds a Diploma of Health Sciences and Holistic Kinesiology and is also qualified in a number of other modalities such as Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T), Touch for Health (TFH), Kinergetics and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology (NLK).

For Martine, conducting a Kinesiology balance is like having a conversation with your body and looking for clues to reveal the core cause behind the issues at hand. Over the years, she has learnt to always listen to the body’s inner intelligence and firmly believes that:

“The body knows what’s wrong with it, when the problem started and what it needs to regain balance”.

Through a unique set of tools and techniques, Kinesiology allows Martine to quickly discover areas of energetic imbalances and implement corrections which will restore balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

Kinesiology is truly a holistic therapy and Martine likes to investigate all these aspects to make sure healing takes place on a very deep level.

Over the years, she has successfully treated the following conditions: chronic & acute physical pain, hormonal and digestive issues, emotional disorders such as anger, grief, depression and other issues like learning difficulties, memory & sleep issues etc.”

Martine Bass
41 Gilda Drive, Narara
NSW 2250