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A Better Approach to Pulse Diagnosis


Presented by the Complementary Health department of CCM – David Corby.

This one day course with David Corby will involve lots of practice to ensure you pick up the fundamentals of the system – particularly the precise position for your fingers and technique for taking the pulse.

Feel like pulse diagnosis (PD) is still a mystery? This new system of PD is logical and simpler to pick up. It is also extraordinarily accurate. You can feel pulses for tight necks, sinus, fibroids, atherosclerosis, gynaecological problems and more.

Class Times:
10am - 5pm

Find Out More About This Course

  • Precise finger positions
  • The appropriate depths
  • What to look for each position
  • What makes the pulse higher or lower than it should be
  • Interesting pulses: pain pulses (lumbar, knee and neck pain, gynaecological pulses)
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