Project Description


Discover why David Corby established the College of Complementary Medicine in 2001. A personal journey that enabled him to do his life’s work.

CEO of College of Complementary Medicine
Principal Lecturer, Integrative Complementary Medicine, Holistic Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine

MAppSc (acupuncture), Adv Dip HSc Holistic Kinesiology, BEconomics (Hon), Diploma of Kinesiology

Registered Acupuncturist, ATMS, AKA


“It’s a real privilege to engage with clients and watch them change. Our brand of integrative complementary medicine is fascinating, empowering and fun. What more could I ask for?”

His favourite book is Huang De Nei Jing, Chapter 8: Ben Shen (the root of spirit)
He loves romance and science fiction and is a sucker for the romantic comedy.
In science fiction he particularly likes space opera.
David’s nephew is Matt Corby and he loves his music.
He’s a terrible singer and an active dancer.
David and his wife Anita eloped and got married at the foot of Mt Cook in NZ.
He loves to ski and has skied in numerous countries – NZ, Australia, Austria, Switzerland.
One of David’s most favourite things to do is to go hiking in the mountains near where he teaches in the South of Germany
If David were a dog, he would be a labrador!

“The way gathers in the emptiness alone.”

Empty your mind so you can listen truly from the heart.

David is CEO of CCM, teacher of holistic kinesiology and mind body medicine and published author of ‘Finding Joy Within’, ‘Energetic Protection’, ‘Neuropressure’ and numerous accredited courses. David is a registered Acupuncturist, a mind body practitioner and holistic kinesiologist. A world renowned lecturer who teaches in Australia and overseas.

David originally worked as a Chief Economist in the financial markets until his life was overturned when his wife almost died from a serious illness. Over the 6 years she was ill he discovered much about himself and complementary medicine.

David took up yoga and started to become more aware of everything around him. One day he was coming to work, looked at his building and was suddenly struck by the idea that he was wasting his time – playing a game that was fun but had little meaning. He decided it was time to do something that was meaningful to him.

Following a short course on kinesiology he was hooked. So many things began to make sense and he started to reconnect with what was most important to him.

A few years later while doing yoga on a deserted island as the sun came up, David had a sudden insight that he should start a college that promoted the philosophy of self-empowerment – the capacity for everyone to feel that they can make the most of their life. So when he came to Sydney the college was born and things just grew from there. David realised over time that many people shared his self-empowerment philosophy and he has had the great privilege of seeing many hundreds of students transform into beautiful practitioners making a difference in the world. An experience that is extremely gratifying and uplifting.