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The Mind Body Approach to helping Anxiety

So many people suffer from anxiety in Australia.  It may be that they experience an upset stomach or nausea or heart palpations when they are stressed, or it may be that they experience full blown panic attacks. There are many different types of anxiety. Sometimes anxiety is caused by compromised health while other times its … Read more

Graduate Stories – Emma Sternberg Kinesiologist

This is the first of our “Graduate Success Stories”. We have plenty more coming in 2017. See for yourself the career possibilities available with a CCM qualification. If Emma’s story has inspired you to want to gain a qualification which leads to a meaningful, flexible and successful career the best place to start is by … Read more

Carer’s Fatigue – Why helping people can be draining and what to do about it

Adapted with permission from Energetic Protection by David Corby. Helping people is only tiring when we do it for the wrong reasons. Common ‘wrong reasons’ include: All these are examples of being motivated to help so that we can feel better about ourselves or to gain a positive response from others. What is the right … Read more

The Meaning Behind Low Energy

Written by David Corby Fatigue is a key symptom that tells a mind body practitioner about the state of their client. Fatigue on waking after sleep is quite different to fatigue in the afternoon or after activity. We will explain why below. Some people sleep well but wake feeling tired. Once they get out of … Read more

Understanding How to be Free

Written by David Corby  “Seek other peoples approval and you will be forever their prisoner” Tao Ti Ching 9 Imagine sipping a cocktail on a beach in the Maldives, or maybe surfing in Hawaii. Is this your ideal of freedom? It is possible to be on that beach and still feel trapped. This article explains why. … Read more

What is Adrenal Stress?

Adrenal Stress: Written by Kellie Wood. Modern day living is busy and demanding with many people placing excessive amounts of pressure upon themselves to over- exert their bodies physically and emotionally. Many people juggle work and family commitments, with minimal time dedicated to rest and relaxation. In order to adapt to physical and emotional stress … Read more

Different Drum

Written by David Corby. Imagine having a child who finds it very difficult to fit in with other kids, teachers and any unstructured social environment. He wants to have friends, but continues to fail to make or maintain relationships. What makes it worse is he realises his inadequacy in social situations but can’t seem to … Read more

Massage To Wake Up And Feel Great

By Elina Doronkina, Holistic Art Therapist and Crystal Healer There is a lot of exercises and tips to make us flexible and strong. I am about to reveal one of the simplest ways to look after your precious self. First of all, after waking up in the morning we don’t have to jump out of … Read more