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Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine students in a practise session.

Navigating Different Areas of Wellness

The Differences Between Naturopathic and Holistic Medicine  If you’ve been on the path to optimal health and well-being, many people are turning to alternative approaches like naturopathy and holistic medicine. Each offers its own unique perspective on healing and this article is here to help you delve into the differences that set these two practices … Read more


Vipassana 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat: My Experience

Perhaps you have seen our blog post on the benefits of meditation and want to hear about the 10-day silent meditiation course known as Vipassana. Keep reading to see how I am going with meditation 2+ years after completing. What is it? Vipassana is a 10-day silent meditation retreat. Now I mean 10 full days, … Read more

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The Art of Creating a Spirit Doll

Cultures the world over have the tradition of creating dolls. A representation of the human figure often used in children’s play. It is likely that worry dolls are the world’s oldest toy as there is evidence of them in the artefacts of ancient cultures. We can imagine children everywhere, imitating life by acting out stories … Read more

Get to know the benefits of grounding, or earthing with CCM

Grounding: Benefits of Earthing your Bare Feet

In electrical engineering, a ground is the path by which the current that flows through your device returns to earth. If you break that earth connection, you break the circuit. In therapeutic terms, grounding involves skin contact with the earth (or ground). Some common ways of earthing or grounding include walking barefoot on the ground … Read more

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Women’s Wellness Retreats-The Power of Sisterhood.

“This was precisely what I didn’t know I needed” announced Beverly as she shared her Retreat experience in our final circle. Her words held deeply, with many nods of agreeance as she spoke, hand on heart, her face shining with newness as she shared her words. The space filled with authenticity, truth and honour as … Read more


Connecting to your intuitive intelligence

We all know about intuition but how about intuitive intelligence? How do you connect to it and why is it important? Read this blog to learn more. People haven’t experienced every moment of your life’s story, so who gives them the authority to be the author of your script???  As human beings, we often resort … Read more