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preventative health care

Let’s talk Preventative Health Care

With the amazing advances we have seen in Western Medicine over the past several decades, you would assume that we, as a nation are getting healthier, thriving, living vibrant, long, energetic lives. But is this actually the case? Well, when you consider that the top causes of death in Australia are ‘lifestyle diseases’, you wouldn’t … Read more


Facts and Stats about the Complementary Health market in Australia

Did you know that Australians have been increasingly turning towards natural health care products and services with a growth rate of 7% per year? Furthermore, statistics show that a quarter of Australians are now visiting complementary healthcare practitioners each year. Below are some statistics demonstrating the increasing in demand for complementary health services in Australia. … Read more

using crystals to heal

Using crystals to heal

Have you ever wondered how crystals work? Aside from being beautiful structures they can be very effective in aiding the treatment of physical ailments, emotional disturbances and even enhancing the atmosphere in a room. However many people underestimate the power of crystals and they are frequently overlooked. Basically, crystals possess a radiating property, which results … Read more


The Omega’s

Do you suffer from Arthritis or other inflammatory conditions? Did you know that watching your Omega intake could help? We have been hearing for a long time now how important it is to eat fish for the beneficial Omega 3’s or “good fats”, that support our brain, growth, development & much more. But did you … Read more

The Mind Body Approach to helping Anxiety

So many people suffer from anxiety in Australia.  It may be that they experience an upset stomach or nausea or heart palpations when they are stressed, or it may be that they experience full blown panic attacks. There are many different types of anxiety. Sometimes anxiety is caused by compromised health while other times its … Read more