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Connecting to your intuitive intelligence

We all know about intuition but how about intuitive intelligence? How do you connect to it and why is it important? Read this blog to learn more.

People haven’t experienced every moment of your life’s story, so who gives them the authority to be the author of your script???

 As human beings, we often resort to external advice when it comes to making decisions, whether it be the smallest or the biggest. Sometimes it can be helpful to gain a different perspective from a third party point of view and bounce off ideas with people who genuinely have your best interest at heart.

However, what can be unhealthy is when we constantly seek external validation and approval with our life choices before we reflect how we truly feel about our decisions. Slowly creating a pattern where it is harder and harder to connect to ourselves and hear the whispers of our inner voice. Feeling like our life is a constant battle where we don’t know what is right from wrong. This confusion can be so crippling it may lead to anxiety, stress and depression.

There is no such thing as someone not being intuitive; we are all born with it. The saddest thing is from a young age we have been educated out it.  Whether it be from the pressures of media, our parents, teachers, school and community we are taught to act a certain way, in order to gain love and acceptance in our world.

Have you ever heard of the term GUT INSTINCTS; known as the second brain. It is directly situated in your gut. Where we get that internal signal that something does not feel right. GUT Health, GUT Instincts are interlinked. My clients who often overthink and over analyze situations, resulting in poor decision making, procrastination and stagnation, interestingly have issues with their digestion. It has been discovered there are neurons in your gut that are directly connected to your thoughts.

What? How does an emotion like overthinking affect our digestion?

Science proves when our body is under stress it’s not just physical, but also intense mental activity which activates our sympathetic nervous system. Signalling our flight, fight freeze response to turn on and activate everything that enables a person to fight that so-called bear, such as our breathing and heart rate. And turns down everything that doesn’t enable the person to fight the bear such as digestion, lowering our nutrient intake.

An acupuncture point that I normally use to help with these cases is stomach eight, whilst also exploring the cause for my clients’ to overthink. Leading them to disconnect from their body and intuition

I believe the biggest gift you can give anyone is to empower them to make their own decisions, as it is physically impossible to be there for them the whole time. This is why in my therapy I am so passionate about teaching my clients to connect to their own inner mentor/ teacher/ guide. I do this by using meditation, body focusing and grounding techniques to help strengthen their ability to listen to the intelligence of their body that has all the answers within themselves.

Transforming their life where they live for themselves rather than for others. Resulting in them not feeling tired and burnt down, but instead waking up in the morning with a new and fresh energy, with a love for life that is so catchy it draws the right relationships, environment and career opportunities aligned to their true self.

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