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Let’s talk Preventative Health Care

With the amazing advances we have seen in Western Medicine over the past several decades, you would assume that we, as a nation are getting healthier, thriving, living vibrant, long, energetic lives.

But is this actually the case?

Well, when you consider that the top causes of death in Australia are ‘lifestyle diseases’, you wouldn’t be crazy for wondering what’s going wrong?

The advances in Medicine, have resulted in better technology, improved procedures, access to more medicine, and a greater understanding of how to save us when tragedy strikes

Thank you to the Ambos, Surgeons, and Drs. who do this amazing work

Your chances of surviving motor accidents, falls, genetic disorders, complicated labors and tragic events are far greater than they were decades ago, thanks to these everyday heroes.

But evidently, these are not the things killing the majority of us.

Heart Disease, Stroke & Lung cancer are.

And the conditions commonly contributing to our day to day suffering include Diabetes, stress disorders, anxiety, back pain and chronic headaches to name a few.

So why is it that we KNOW that healthy eating, regular movement and stress management are the KEYS to avoiding these “lifestyle conditions” but yet we are still dying from the effects of not doing this?

Have we become so lazy that we assume our Drs. can clean up our mess & perform lifesaving heart surgery when we get to that point? Or offer us chemotherapy when our lungs are full of cancer after we have continued to smoke our pack a day?

It might sound harsh, but I’m calling bull-shit on this mentality.

  • What if we started caring for ourselves, listening to our bodies and prioritising our health before we hit that point?
  • What if we took ownership of our health and paid attention to our bodies?
  • What if we listened to our symptoms and questioned them long before it’s a real problem?
  • What if we then left these heroes open to working with the tragedies, the rare, the unavoidable?

The look in someone’s eyes when they have been delivered life-changing health news and the fear and dread that comes with “what’s next” is somewhere you don’t want to be and for many of us, we can avoid that!

So, what is YOUR body telling you?

Are you always tired? In pain? Trouble sleeping? Anxious? Stressed? Suffer from headaches? Are you overweight?

Do you have terrible, painful, irregular periods every month? Please don’t wait until you want to fall pregnant to question what’s happening? Investigate it now! You get a cycle a month, for MANY years before you decide it’s time to conceive, if it’s crap, look at it now!

The opportunity to seek IVF when you can’t fall pregnant is amazing for so many parents-to-be & we are so fortunate to be where we are medically with this, but don’t assume it’s a backup, look at your cycle NOW.

Preventative health care is where it’s at and there are many wonderful modalities you can seek out to support you. Our Western Medicine is wonderful to help save us, your job is to avoid needing saving.

If your healthcare practitioner tells you a symptom affecting you is ‘normal’ or ‘nothing’ it is YOUR JOB to find someone to help you with it. Many of the Eastern Medicine disciplines have more answers for symptoms and preventative care than our Western Medicine does

And that is why I will always be a follower of BOTH equally and for different times and different reasons

If I lose a limb, please call me an ambo and give me morphine! But if my period is totally irregular, I’ll be heading to my acupuncturist, Naturopath or Kinesiologist because they have a different method to work with this

Look at your diet, find ways to reduce & manage stress, move your body, get some rest, find someone who can help you understand your symptoms and make changes NOW.

So many of us don’t realise how good our bodies are meant to feel

The power is with YOU. Please use it

Beth Pupovac – Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine practitioner 

w: bethpupovac.com

e: [email protected]

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