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Unlocking a Healthier Heart and Mind

The Connection Between Open-Heartedness and Physical Activity In our quest for a healthier heart and a more balanced life, we often overlook the profound influence of our emotional and physical well-being. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating connection between open-heartedness, the benefits of physical activity, and their collective impact on our … Read more

yoga | CCM

Unlocking the Holistic Benefits of Yoga

Healing Power & Mental Health Harmony In today’s overly fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become commonplace amongst just about everyone. People are constantly seeking ways to improve their mental and physical well-being and one ancient practice that has gained significant popularity in recent years is yoga. While often associated with physical flexibility and balance, … Read more


Path to Permanent Weight Loss

A Holistic Approach to Losing Weight In the pursuit of shedding excess pounds, a holistic perspective reveals that weight management encompasses not only dietary choices but also the interplay of the nervous system, digestion, and metabolism. Understanding the intricacies of these elements can lead to sustainable weight loss and overall well-being. The Impact of Nervous … Read more

womens wellness retreats | CCM

Empowering Women’s Wellness Retreats 

How to Balance Mind, Body, and Hormones In a world where the demands of daily life often leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves, the power of women’s wellness retreats remains as a beacon of rejuvenation and sisterhood. These retreats offer more than just relaxation – they provide a space for self-discovery, healing, and the cultivation … Read more

Train your brain coordination with these right brain exercises

Right Brain Enhancing Exercises – to Work More Harmoniously with the Left Brain

I’m assuming that if you are reading this, you know that our brain has two hemispheres — the left brain and the right brain. The logical and analytical functions are associated with the left brain, while the creative side of brain is the right hemisphere. We live in a logic dominant world, for the most … Read more

Get to know the benefits of grounding, or earthing with CCM

Grounding: Benefits of Earthing your Bare Feet

In electrical engineering, a ground is the path by which the current that flows through your device returns to earth. If you break that earth connection, you break the circuit. In therapeutic terms, grounding involves skin contact with the earth (or ground). Some common ways of earthing or grounding include walking barefoot on the ground … Read more

sports therapy

Sports Therapy and Kinesiology: Developing the Holistic Health Practitioner

Are you a personal trainer, massage therapist or movement professional with an interest in rehab or holistic approaches to training? Are you a pilates or yoga teacher that wants to offer a more tailored approach to your clients? Maybe you are a massage therapist that wants to know why your clients keep coming back with … Read more