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CCM Graduate of the Month – Meet Leanne (March)

Dip HK, Dip HS ( Nursing), BScApp (Health Promotion)

So what did Leanne study at CCM?

A Diploma in Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine and is currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Complementary Medicine due to be completed in 2016.
Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine are unique modalities that blend Western and Eastern practices to aid individuals in their healing journey.

As a Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner I can assist people in releasing some of the stress in their lives that is stopping the body’s natural healing process.

Stressors can be:

Physical – such a diet, heavy metals, other toxins, viruses, illness and pain
Emotional – work, family, relationships, anxiety or just plain overload
When things in life go out of balance, sometimes we may need some help to get our physical, emotional or spiritual selves back into balance.

I view each person as unique, and I help him or her regain that unique energy within them to be able to get the balance they want back into their lives.

Each person has a goal they want to work towards – whether to reduce their stress levels, reduce pain, or improve digestion. Although each session will be slightly different, we still work towards the common goal.
I use a variety of tools and techniques, depending on what the person needs at the time:
Muscle monitoring
Neurostructural Integration Technique
Essential oils
Bach Flower Essences
Tissue Salts
My passion it to see people of all ages rediscover their own healing potential and thrive!

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