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College of Complementary Medicine Announces Wide-Ranging Series of Holistic Classes

SYDNEY – 14th March 2016 – The College of Complementary Medicine (CCM) has announced a wide-ranging series of classes tailored to meet the needs of anyone with a passion for helping others through holistic life-changing practices.

The classes provide a variety of options designed to accommodate the lifestyle and time availability of individual students.

They cater for the needs of those who wish to study full-time or part-time; for those who have daytime work commitments and wish to study at night; and those who wish to utilize the latest online learning advantages. And they cover the breadth of Kinesiology/Mind Body Medicine and Transpersonal Art Therapy.

Students who aim to become qualified integrative health practitioners have the option of a 12-month full-time program or an 18-month course of night classes. At the end of these classes students will be able to join the ranks of hundreds of highly-competent and passionate practitioners who have graduated from CCM over the past 13 years and are part of the fastest-growing industry in Australia.

The 18-month Transpersonal Art Therapy course of night classes is ideal for those who want to add art therapy and learning to their existing community employment or consulting. The blended Kinesiology/Mind Body Medicine program is an innovative combination of public classroom study with private at-home digital learning and is perfect for those in the 20 to 30-year-old age bracket.

The programs are taught by experienced, dedicated, world-class leaders in the industry and are nationally recognised under the auspices of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and by various industry associations.

Says CCM CEO, David Corby, “Our unique programs are setting new high standards which qualify students to work in a richly rewarding career in rapidly growing areas of medicine.

“We produce practitioners that excel at engaging a person’s mind, confident in using client-centred counselling techniques enhanced with a range of body techniques that help clients embrace life and achieve wellbeing.”

The College of Complementary Medicine prides itself on being a vibrant community of caring, like-minded, purpose-driven people. It’s an inspiring environment which motivates students to achieve their highest goals.

The college offers a variety of affordable payment options and can also help facilitate Vet Fee Help Loans.

Complementary Health programs include Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and Integrative Complementary Medicine while Expressive Arts programs include Transpersonal Art Therapy, Transpersonal Art Counselling and Leadership, Expressive Arts and Group Work. They are hands-on courses with a high proportion of practical hours.

Adds David, “Students learn a great deal about themselves and their place in the world while gaining a unique blend of mind and body skills.”

For more information please visit: www.complementary.com.au or follow our Facebook.

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