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Crafting as Meditation

When thinking about meditation we often here about how it is so beneficial and that it is something we all need but it is also met with lots of excuses as to why we can or do not have the time.

How many times have you heard or thought I can’t meditate or I think too much or it’s not for me, I can’t sit still?

Meditation, though there are many practices, simply is a way of changing your state of consciousness so that you can be at peace and allow your mind to rest.

We can do this in many ways and you can be meditating many times a day in your life already. So why not do it intentionally and use this time to invite peace and calm into your lives or whatever life giving intention you would like!

A way that you can do that is by crafting. There are many books out there with different ways to craft. Scrap booking, jewellery making, knitting, crochet, origami, building cars, dioramas or even Lego! Crafting comes in all shapes and tastes. Mankind has been crafting since the dawn of time to make tools and healing objects.

In modern times we can do that too. Craft a blanket for your inner child. Or make yourself focusing earrings. Whatever it is, you can reach a state of peace and calm while crafting that will allow you to handle any situation in life and have something beautiful and sentimental to keepsake.

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