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What you need to know about coffee

Billions of people around the world drink it daily and it’s pro vs con list seems to be at a constant neck and neck battle. So what do you need to know about how coffee impacts the body?

Well, Coffee is a very yang (warming) substance which stimulates the liver meridian. This in itself is not all bad, however like everything in holistic medicine, it is essential to consider your entire personal individual picture to understand how this may impact you.

A Liver meridian that is not “in balance” could be negatively impacted by your coffee intake.

Symptoms such as mood swings, anger & frustration, anxiety or depression, bloating, PMS, menstrual cramps, headaches, brittle nails, dry skin or hair and trouble sleeping soundly can all be indictors that the Liver meridian needs some attention.

If you experience sweating, a jittery feeling, anxiety or shortness of breath after your cup of coffee it’s likely this daily ritual is negatively impacting your health.

Whether you suffer these symptoms or not, your coffee still needs to be balanced out with plenty of pure water to cool the liver meridian again. For those of you with a ‘balanced’ Liver meridian (I’m talking to anyone who isn’t stressed) drinking a glass of water before and after your coffee is an excellent practise. For those of you who experience the symptoms above, increasing your water will be helpful, however addressing the imbalance first will create greater harmony for your whole body and then you can enjoy your coffee without the negative side effects.

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