Mind Body Courses Are Ready To Get Underway at CCM

New career-boosting programs at highly-regarded college begin in April and May 2016.

SYDNEY – March 2016 – If you’re seeking a life-changing career helping others The College of Complementary Medicine is currently enrolling students in courses to obtain the Diploma of Kinesiology/Mind Body Medicine and Integrative Complementary Medicine through a dynamic Blended Learning course structure.

Beginning in May this year the college, a highly-regarded and long-established Registered Training Organisation (RTO), will hold both full-time, blended learning and night time courses.

The college, which runs two streams of diploma and advanced diploma course work has produced hundreds of highly competent and successful practitioners over the last thirteen years who have become a vital part of the fastest-growing industry in Australia.

Says the college CEO and Head Lecturer in Mind Body Medicine, David Corby, “Our unique programs, led by a highly trained and experienced faculty, offer world-class training and qualifies you to work in a richly rewarding career in rapidly growing areas of medicine.

“Our unique programs are setting new high standards which qualify students to work in a richly rewarding career in rapidly growing areas of medicine.

Epigenetic research has vastly expanded Western Medicine’s understanding of the role of lifestyle, stress, and the gut in the development of chronic disease. It is these factors that Mind Body Medicine and Kinesiology target, putting practitioners of these disciplines at the forefront of a whole new approach to helping people with chronic disease.

We produce practitioners that excel at engaging a person’s mind and body, helping clients embrace life and achieve wellbeing.”

The College of Complementary Medicine prides itself on being a vibrant community of like-minded, purpose-driven people.

The programs are taught by leaders in the industry who are passionate about the fields of both complementary medicine and expressive arts and are nationally recognised under the auspices of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and by various industry associations.

New study options include blended learning and night classes. The college offers a variety of affordable payment options and can also help facilitate Vet Fee Help Loans.

Complementary Health programs include Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and Integrative Complementary Medicine while Expressive Arts programs include Transpersonal Art Therapy, Transpersonal Art Counselling and Leadership, Expressive Arts and Group Work. They are hands-on courses with a high proportion of practical hours.

Adds David, “The emerging predominant theory in Western Medicine research is that nearly all chronic disease is caused by a combination of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Both of these are caused or worsened by chronic stress. Being able to address both mind and body simultaneously is a huge advantage – it can help clients make major leaps in understanding as they drop into their bodies and connect with their hearts. Unlike other courses, our Mind Body Medicine teaching follows the insight that a clients level of stress and many of their physical problems tend to have a common psychological root and when that root is addressed all problems tend to improve simultaneously.

“As a student of Mind Body Medicine and Kinesiology you will learn a great deal about yourself and your place in the world around you, while gaining a unique blend of mind and body skills.”

The programs are extremely popular. There are only 25 places per class and applicants are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

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