Mapping your Life, Live your dreams!

Do you know where you are going? When you wake up do you have a clear direction in life? Or are you feeling stuck and robotic doing the same thing constantly? Perhaps, you have never thought or been giving a GPS system to help you navigate all your ups and downs?

Learning about the transpersonal tools is equivalent to a guide handing you the navigational system to your life and all its joys and pains. One of these maps is the hero’s journey. Developed by Joseph Campbell, the hero’s journey is a tool that you can apply to any situation and has been used in countless movies worldwide as a storyline of hope, overcoming one’s own personal demons.

There are 3 steps to the hero’s journey, Old belonging. The Nadir and the New Belonging. It follows the principals that when we can accept where we are, change will naturally come and a new way of being will arise and you will be closer to your natural state of being. You can take control with acceptance and change organically without trying.

There are many more maps within Transpersonal Art Therapy (TAT), Transpersonal Counselling (TC) and Leadership in Expressive Arts and Group Work (LEAG) that you can apply to any situation in life. When we have a clear intention of where we are going we can meet the challenges with grace and ease.

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