Eat. Sleep. Exercise. Repeat – Your Guide to Optimal Wellbeing 

Optimum health and wellbeing… what does it mean to you?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as: “A state of optimal well-being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.”

Optimal health is a balance between rest and rejuvenation and achieving optimal health goals, differs for each individual. Each day, from morning until night, we are: an employee, parent, partner, child, sibling, friend, manager, carer, neighbour, pet owner, and business owner.

We have relationships to maintain, mouths to feed, and careers that require time and effort. To keep up with the momentum of our lives, we should be kinder to ourselves.

Relax. Remain calm. Breathe. Dance. Laugh. Eat. Go outside. Exercise. Sleep.

We owe it to ourselves as individuals, to live happy, healthy lives, in a way that Mother Nature intended. And the first step to benefit from simple and natural living, is to make good choices.

We need to get back to basics, to balance our bodies and reduce stress. A lot of wholefoods, sleep, and exercise, provides the ability to give more to others, improved productivity; increase in immunity and greater self- esteem.

Be kind to your body. Eat consciously and consume wholefoods.

While there are many different ways to reconnect with the natural world, nutrition tops the list as the cornerstone of optimum health.

If you want to “get-rich-quick”, indulge in and savour the bite of nutrient-rich, wholefood fruit and vegetables. Incorporate more conscious food (choices) into home cooked meals, so you can control the ingredients and know how your food is prepared.

Avoid and reduce: refined sugar, processed foods, factory farmed fish and meat. And instead, choose foods like fruit that feeds the body at a cellular level, which can be consumed guilt-free- all day, every day.

When it comes to great health, there is no quick fix. Control what you have control of and put your own oxygen mask on first.

The rituals of good (or boring) self-care are, healthy food, plenty of water, enough sleep and physical activity. There is no harm in taking “time out” for nurture and balance and simple acts of regular self-care are not selfish.

Self-care is an awareness of what we need – physically, mentally, and emotionally – for essential health and wellbeing.