The epiphany I had to study kinesiology

I am so happy with my choice. I know I am studying at the best college…
I woke up one day, tired of ‘day-to-day’ life and decided, “I’m going to study Kinesiology”. Actually, NO, that’s not exactly how it happened…

I had been an Art and Design teacher for over 10 years. I was feeling burnt out, no longer fulfilled and wanting to make changes on a deeper level. I loved the connections I had made as a teacher, but to make any real change is very difficult in the current structure of schools in Australia. After having children, I knew I was searching for something more…

My first experience with Kinesiology came somewhat out of the blue.
I spent my maternity leave constantly asking myself the questions, “What next”? And, what is it that I really want? I knew there was something else I could be doing, but I just couldn’t find it. I answered the call of a qualified Kinesiologist, who was looking for people to be case studies for an extended course she had just completed. I fit the case-study requirements being sought and over eight months I completed a series of 12 kinesiology sessions, and my life changed.

It was my first experience with kinesiology. I remember feeling so empowered by how I was able to change and shift my thought patterns, in a gentle and supportive way.
The epiphany I had: to “be” a kinesiologist, dropped in at around my sixth session. It was at this point that I knew; all paths and life experiences had lead me to this decision. So I hit the ground running, digging deep. I rang every accredited school in Melbourne and just kept coming back to CCM. Every phone call and conversation that I had with the college staff and teachers, left me excited. They gave me their time and the exact amount of detail I was seeking.

Why CCM?
Coming from a teaching background I had very high expectations of the type of education I wanted. I went to my ‘top 3’ preferred schools and had kinesiology sessions at each, to get a feel for the school. And each time didn’t feel right, until I walked into CCM. I never felt pressured by the staff at CCM; they just wanted what was best for me.

The level of interest they showed, and the support offered even before I enrolled, really won me over. And I have seen that openness and approachability offered to all students, time and time again. CCM teachers are the best I have ever come across. As a teacher myself, I am in awe of the way they teach with 100% heart and commitment.

I am so excited for what the future holds…
I started Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine, wanting to focus on wellbeing for children. I already run wellbeing workshops for primary school children and their parents, which incorporates my yoga, teaching and art background. But on this journey with CCM, my focus has changed.  I love working with adults and parents and as a Kinesiologist, I want to offer wellbeing workshops to them, based around nurturing their heart and souls.

I’ve really found the magic at CCM and I can’t wait to share my experience with the broader community.

Bridie Wallace, CCM Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine student

If you would like to study kinesiology come along to our free workshops in Sydney and Melbourne to learn more about CCM and our courses.