Facts and Stats about the Complementary Health market in Australia

Did you know that Australians have been increasingly turning towards natural health care products and services with a growth rate of 7% per year? Furthermore, statistics show that a quarter of Australians are now visiting complementary healthcare practitioners each year.

Below are some statistics demonstrating the increasing in demand for complementary health services in Australia. All data comes directly from the Four Year Work Plan for the Complementary Health Industry Reference Committee (IRC) that was submitted to the Commonwealth.·

  • In 2005 there were 69 million visits to complementary medicine practitioners (the same as for Western Medicine).·
  • In 2016 its estimated that more than 36000 people are employed in complementary health services.·**

Research conducted within Australia suggests that General Practitioners commonly refer patients to, and encourage the use of, acupuncture, massage and yoga for the treatment of back pain (the second most common complaint by patients in general practice, affecting 75% of the Australian adult population).Discover more about our courses by watching our videos on Youtube. There are a wide selection available to choose from all aimed at educating and inspiring you.

* StartFragmentXue CC1, Zhang AL, Lin V, Da Costa C, Story DF. Complementary and alternative medicine use in Australia: a national population-based survey. J Altern Complement Med. 2007 Jul-Aug;13(6):643-50

**IBIS world